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Entrepreneurs and corporate executives depend on WTL Financial Services' highly sophisticated, multi-disciplined accounting and tax teams to help them grow and protect their businesses. Unlike traditional accountants and tax planners, we leverage decades of profound results to help you target more revenue and realize higher profits.

WTL Financial Services' accounting services include:
• Business start-up assistance & accounting systems development
• Evaluation of new business opportunities
• Selecting Corporate Form (Corporations, LLC, Partnerships etc.)
  based on client needs.
• Evaluating current accounting systems to ensure accuracy and efficiency
• Reviewing internal controls and identifying at-risk areas
• Preparing compiled, reviewed and audited financial statements
• Preparing Budgets and Projections
• Meeting with you regularly to interpret the financial data and relate
  it to your operational results and business issues
• Recommending financing strategies to fund your company's growth
• Shop and negotiate bank financing
• Monthly/quarterly processing of financial information (on-site and off site)
• Accounting Software evaluation, training and implementation services
• Personal record keeping & budgeting
• Business plan development

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