Privacy & Security Policy

Data Security
Various security measures have been implemented to ensure that client information remains safe and secure in our operational facilities. These include:

  • A paperless system so client data cannot be easily accessed due to any kind of carelessness.
  • Restricted physical access to the server environments.
  • Restricted internet access on the computers used in the offices.
  • 'Medialess' computers eliminate the risk of confidential files being copied and stolen.
  • The secured servers and firewall are monitored on a 24x7 basis. Through weekly patches, the security software is regularly updated to protect against unauthorized access to the network.
  • Password protected login ids are used to restrict access to registered users. A log is maintained of all users that access the system. We use 128-bit Secure Socket Layer encryption for all data transfers.
Non-Disclosure / Confidentiality Agreements and Non-Compete Clause

All our employees are required to sign non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements before they join WTL. Each employee is bound by the agreement and not allowed to divulge client information to anyone within and outside the company unless there is a question related to the preparation of the client engagement. Bookkeeper, tax preparers and reviewers share information only through their direct supervisors.

IRS regulations on the unauthorized disclosure or use of tax return information went into effect on January 1, 2009. As per the AICPA guidance on the new IRS Section 7216 regulations, the following types of consent will be obtained from WTL customers:

  • Consent to disclose tax return information to be used for disclosure of the return information to (among others) your client's banker or mortgage broker.
  • Consent to disclose tax return information to a specific financial planning/investment firm.
  • Consent to permit a U.S. preparer to disclose tax return information (including the taxpayer's SSN as long as adequate data protection safeguards are in place) to a foreign-based preparer.
  • Consent form covering the use of the tax return information by the preparer to disseminate firm newsletters, press releases, webcasts, and hiring announcements to individual clients.

All clients have the right to protect their own client base and good will. Therefore, a non-compete clause is part of all agreements and our security policy. The non-compete clause (NCC) or covenant not to compete (CNC) protects our clients proprietary and confidential information including client lists and business practices.


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